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Beach Tennis

What is Beach Tennis?

The sport is a combination of Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball.  It's all volley, the ball does not bounce.

The Court

16m x 8m Doubles and 16m x 4.5m Singles

Surface is sand.  Depth of the sand must be minimum of 40cm and run back at least 1.5m.

The Net

1.7 metres high – optional height for men’s game is 1.8m.  Junior height (12 and under) is 1.5m.

The net is made of smaller holes than a beach volleyball net, making it safer to play, otherwise the tennis ball can go right through the net.

The Racket

Rackets are made using a variety of different materials.  Entry level rackets tend to be made of Fibre Glass or a mix of Fibre Glass and Carbon, mid-range and high end rackets tend to be made from Titanium or/and Kevlar Fiibre Glass, Carbon,

The Ball

Stage 2 Orange Ball

The half orange and half yellow balls are softer, less pressurised and slower than yellow tennis balls.

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